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About Me

This is my first year of studying AS photography. I have been set many tasks and challenges, which I have posted on my blog and analyzed the tasks in full detail. This helps me to understand my mistakes and try to improve my work. I am enjoying the subject and I am learning new things every lesson involving photography and the use of Photoshop. I have titled each individual task clearly, making it easier to understand which tasks have been set. The work below is the tasks I have set myself, which I have been working towards to achieve my final piece, which is the study of natural form.

i have chosen to look at landscapes still ife, naturalform and close ups

Milestone Images I Recreated

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The above slide show, is displaying the images I created using my own initiative to describe the life processes of natural forms and some which I recreated from my artist who inspired me. These artists were Karl Blossfeldt and Edward Western.

Developed Photographs

I developed this image in the dark room. I used a negative photo strip and projected it on to a piece of white photo-paper. I then went through a long process of placing it in different types of liquids over the photo paper, in order for the photo to truly develop and this is my result.

I decided to change the original image on Photoshop, using different light exposures, shadows plus colours to change the effect of the photograph to demonstrate how Photoshop can easily manipulate the original picture dramatically to convey another meaning. For instance, once I added a bold red to the last image, the image took a modern appearance instead of looking like an old fashioned photograph.

Andy Warhol Recreation

For this task I used my scanned in banana to create a banana in an Andy Warhol style. I used Photoshop to create light and dark shadows over the banana, I then selected the bananas non-transparent pixels and made certain areas of the banana black, which is in keeping with the Andy Warhole’s style. After this I blended in the colour of the background and changed the pictures background with four different vibrant colours. I am pleased with the outcome of the images as it does represent Andy Warhol’s style which I tried to capture. However, due to the changes in the shadowing, the visibility of the bananas was become very faint, so it could be interpreted as another object.


For my next set of photographs I have structured them in order of factors, which I used for inspiration in my images. I have focused first on the nature of landscapes, second the nature of still life, then I looked at the natural form in art and finally I have included close ups of natural forms.

David Hockney (Landscapes)

Hockney has really captured the countryside genre through the use of different shades of greens and yellows to create the different shaped fields. I like the painting because through the use of different shades of colour it makes the image look more like a photograph and more realistic. The painting is very detailed, the lines are very precise and the colours are correct, as they are what you see and expect from the countryside. This picture will help inspire my final project, which I plan to do on nature because the image displays bright and attractive colours, which are involved in nature making the topic more interesting and exciting. I also admire this image as Hockney has painted his picture at a high angle, helping to show more of the surrounding area, which are fields. This also puts more emphasis on the countryside’s unique feature that is the windy roads, due to the focus being higher, enabling Hockney to create a higher and thinner windy road. For instance, if Hockney painted the country side image at a low-level height, it would be hard for him to demonstrate the height of the countryside’s features and Hockney would not have enough space to fit as much on to his page. Hockney has really consider how he is going to present this image on paper by using paint and he has succeed in grabbing his audiences attention. His techniques will be useful to me in deciding what to do for my final project.

For my final project I want to capture a variety of images of nature and people fall under that category. The image presented portrays the normal average household with artwork on the wall, a house phone and a chair. This picture inspires me as it captures, average people in an elegant and professional way through use of plain colours and objects in their living environment. The picture creates a calm atmosphere, as the colours are very neutral and light. Plus I like the picture because of the great detail, which has been exposed to the image. The rug in particular is very detailed, showing every pattern stitched into the rug making the image very unique and interesting.

I like this image because each individual tree looks unique and contains lots of detail. Hockney has also added a large amount of detail to the pathway by painting different strokes of grey, which are dark and light colours. Making the image very realistic. The varieties of greens used are very bright, producing a happy and fun atmosphere, which will appeal to a large audience. Also the image portrays the natural environment for animals and insects. This will offer me ideas for how to present my final project, whether I should show nature through landscape or through insects and animals.